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The pillars of the letter H are solid and traditional, and the waves are dynamic and modern. Together they represent excellence in education in èapp, with respect for the past and an optimistic forward-looking view. The waves reflect four considerations:

  • The streams and brooks along which our communities were built. Learning together sustains strong and healthy communities, like a source of fresh flowing water.
  • The prairies, where our communities are rooted. Education of our children begins with nurture and hope and is celebrated in their growth to full maturity, just as furrows of freshly seeded fertile soil turn to waves of golden grain at the harvest.
  • The pages of an open book. A rich and varied education includes academics, athletics, and the arts and recognizes the many intelligence’s and talents that our children possess.
  • The three strands of a strong cord. The partnership of community, parents, and the school provides a powerful and continuous support for the children in our care.

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HSD Brand Style Guide

HSD Brand Style Guide (PDF – View logo usage guidelines, colour palette, and typography)