ALL students learn the skills, disposition, values, and knowledge required for a productive and wholesome life.

  • Socially engaged – they will feel like they belong in their schools and in their classes
  • Academically engaged – they will participate in the work of being a student.
  • Intellectually engaged – they will be “into” their learning, their mental wheels will be turning, they will be trying to figure things out, and they will seek and find creative solutions to both old and new problems.

BUILDING the capacity of all HSD staff to enable all students to learn.

  • Whether they serve our learning communities as secretaries or teachers, bus drivers or principals, head office personnel or custodians, or any other position with the school division, all staff will have the opportunity to learn, to grow and to develop.
  • We will develop a culture that empowers, supports, values and inspires all staff.

Partnering with our COMMUNITIES to enable all students to learn.

  • Our communities will know and trust our schools to be making an important and effective contribution back to the community. This can happen in many ways but primarily through educating our students and thereby developing good people to continue the good work of the community.
  • We will also break down the walls between school and community by providing learning opportunities for students within the community and by inviting the community into our schools to participate in the learning process.

HSD Strategic Priorities