Financial Protection for Your Family

The èapp and the Manitoba School Boards Association are committed to the health and welfare of students. Injuries and accidents are everyday occurrences. The home, playground, school and community all present possible hazards to children and adolescents.

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Universal Student Accident Insurance

The School Division maintains Universal Student Accident Insurance coverage, underwritten by iA Special Markets, for all students attending our division’s schools. The program provides basic accident and medical coverage while students attend school or participate in school-organized activities. It also extends to provide coverage to high school students enrolled in an approved course or class outside of school that qualifies for credit in Physical Education. This coverage does not extend to any other activities at times outside of school, i.e. not 24 hour coverage.

Voluntary Student Accident Insurance

The Voluntary Student Accident Insurance underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada provides enhanced accident coverage for accidents and benefits beyond that of the Universal Student Accident Insurance held by the School Division or through a parent/guardian’s benefits plan through their employer. Benefit coverage includes ambulance, hospital, accidental dental, disability, fractures, dislocations, and many other benefits.

Please visit or refer to the PDF documents listed above for details and how to enroll your child(ren) in the Voluntary Student Accident Program. If you have any questions, please contact Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada at 1.800.463.5437.

You can also visit where you can find further details on Universal and Voluntary Student Accident Insurance.

The Student Accident Insurance plans require Provincial Health coverage in place; i.e. active Manitoba Health or any other Canadian Province/Territory. It is important to note, that neither Universal Student Accident nor Voluntary Student Accident is a replacement for Provincial Health coverage. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to apply for Manitoba Health or secure Replacement Provincial Health.